Order of Battle

Battle of Kelly’s Ford Order of Battle




Second Division, Cavalry Corps, Army of the Potomac (BG William W. Averell)


First Brigade (COL Alfred N. Duffie)

            4th NY Cavalry (COL Luigi DiCesnola)

            6th OH Cavalry (LTC William R. Steadman)

            1st RI Cavalry* (MAJ Preston M. Farrington)


Second Brigade (COL John B. McIntosh)

            3rd PA Cavalry* (COL Edward S. Owen)

            4th PA Cavalry (LTC William E. Doster)

            16th PA Cavalry* (COL J. Irvin Gregg)


Reserve Brigade detachment (CPT Marcus A. Reno)

            1st US Cavalry (CPT Marcus A. Reno)

            5th US Cavalry* (LT Robert Sweatman)

            6th NY Independent Battery (LT George Browne, Jr)




Fitz Lee’s Brigade, Cavalry Division, Army of Northern Virginia (BG Fitzhugh Lee)

            1st VA Cavalry* (COL James H. Drake)

            2nd VA Cavalry* (MAJ Cary Breckenridge, captured, then CPT Edgar Whitehead)

            3rd VA Cavalry* (COL Thomas H. Owen)

            4th VA Cavalry (LTC William H. Payne)

            5th VA Cavalry (COL Thomas L. Rosser)

            Breathed’s Battery of Horse Artillery (CPT James Breathed)



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