Report of Col. John B. McIntosh


SIR: I have the honor to report that this brigade, consisting of ——men, left camp at 9 o’clock on the morning of the 16th instant, and encamped that night with the division at Morrisville.

At 4 o’clock on the morning of the 17th instant I started with my brigade for Kelly’s Ford, and reached there by 6 a.m. The enemy was strongly posted on the southwest bank, and for a short time offered a stubborn resistance. It was at this juncture I detailed all the axmen from my brigade, under command of Lieutenant Gillmore, of the Third Pennsylvania Cavalry, who crossed with the advance guard, and cut away the trees the enemy had felled in order to obstruct the exit from the ford. After my brigade had crossed the river, and shortly after 12 m., the enemy made a sharp attack on the First Brigade, then advancing slowly through the woods. In obedience to the orders of the general, I deployed my brigade to the right, the Sixteenth Pennsylvania being on the extreme right. The enemy made an attempt to gain the cover of some houses on my right, when I immediately ordered Colonel Gregg to dismount a part of his command and throw them behind the houses, which he successfully accomplished, and, by a few well-directed volleys, caused them to retreat rapidly. I then formed my squadrons en échelon, and advanced slowly, driving the enemy completely from my front by well-directed volleys.

The enemy made no attempt to charge my brigade, nor did they appear in my front in any locality where I had an opportunity to charge them.

The loss of the brigade in killed, wounded, and missing is as follows :(*)

Third Pennsylvania Cavalry:

Officer wounded 1

Enlisted man wounded     1

Fourth Pennsylvania Cavalry:

Officers wounded            2

Enlisted men wounded      4

Sixteenth Pennsylvania Cavalry:

Enlisted man wounded     1


Col. Third Pa. Cav., Comdg. Second Brig., Second Div.]


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General, Second Cav. Div.


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