5th VA Cavalry



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  1. Lars Pedersen Says:

    Colonel Tom Rosser led the 5th VA Cav at Kelly’s Ford and was wounded in the foot during the engagement. Since he was a fair distance from Maj John Pelham during the battle, it’s doubtful that he knew that his former West Point roommate (Class of May, 1861) was on the scene. Pelham,
    along with JEB Stuart, were at the Culpepper Court House when the battle began. They rode towards the gunfire on borrowed horses and Pelham
    joined either the 2nd or 3rd VA Cav (conflict of reports) as an auxillery, even though he was not a cavalryman. While trying to rally the retreating troops, Pelham was hit in the back of the head, near his hairline, by a splinter from a shell that exploded overhead. He died at the Shackleford
    Home in Culpepper at 1:00 AM on March 18th.

    (Sources: Mercer, Phillip. THE GALLANT PELHAM, JW Burke Publishing Co,
    Macon, GA. 1929.

    Bushong, M. & D. FIGHTIN’ TOM ROSSER, Beidel Printing House, Shippensburg, PA. 1983

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