1st RI Cavalry



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  1. My great uncle, John Charles Kiernan, was a corporal in the 1st Rhode Island and was wounded at Kelly’s Ford and died of his wounds on March 23. Ihave several of his letters dating from 1862 up until a few days before the battle. I was also able to obtain his service record from the N.A.We have transcribed the letters and have done research on his service and the role of the 1st R.I.Iwas also able to obtain a copy of the original regimental history.We have one surviving photo showing Kiernan at camp in what we believe was taken in 1863.
    I hope to finally visit the battle site this year and would appreciate and comments or advice.

    Thank you

    Tom Burns

    • dccaughey Says:


      Thanks for your comment. I’d love to see the contents of those letters, there must be some great stuff in there! I’m only aware of the one regimental history “Sabres & Spurs.” If possible, I would try to catch the 150th anniversary of the battle later this month. I believe there will be a ceremony either the 16th or the 17th. I believe Craig has info on it, you might check on his main blog at To The Sound of the Guns.


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